Sunday, October 29, 2006

Changes at Envoi

Envoi #145 sees Roger Elkin stand down as editor after 14 years.

The new editor is Jan Fortune-Wood who is one of the people behind Cinnamon Press.

I remember Envoi from its early days when run by J C Meredith Scott. He was always sending me postage stamps as a small favour for recommending people who submitted or subscribed. I've still got some of my own early submissions with notes attached from his editorial panel saying why such and such a poem should or should not be considered for publication. Some were cryptically puzzling while others were spot-on pieces of constructive criticism.

I don't remember the two editors who took over briefly after the founder-editor's death, but I already knew Anne Lewis-Smith who was editor from 1984-91. She was a contributor to the first issue of my own magazine, Headland.

Envoi will be fify years old in 2007, and I'm sure the new editor will do a splendid job of nurturing it into its second half-century.


  1. Gerald,

    Finally, got round to putting your link on my blog. By the way I liked your photos of Crete and particularly that spectacular sunset.


  2. hiya thanks for stopping by my blog and your comments on my wannabe haiku!

  3. I see that Roger Elkin has stepped down from ENVOI and
    this long-established poetry journal has passed to Cinnamon
    editorship. It has had a long haul up the slipway of
    little magazine difficulties since the late J.C Meredith Scott started it from Cheltenham, with the democratic stance of judgement by a board. Even by about 1968 it had reached its 33rd issue. Cinnamon takes it on about 40 years later from an issue in the 140s. We take space to offer the spirit of Scott thanks for giving it its very first 'spice of life'.