Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Best of Hyde Daily Photo 2006

Hyde Daily Photo has been going now since April 2006. On January 1st 2007, along with other DP sites around the world, it will feature the Best Photograph for 2006.

I need your help to decide which of ten contenders for the title Best of Hyde Daily Photo 2006 will be shown. You can vote for your favourites by visiting where you can see all the photographs in their full glory.


  1. Gerald, do we have to wait until 2007 to see the vote result, or are you going to make a decision regardless of the vote or ??????

  2. You'll have to wait until January.

    Right now there seems to be three photographs vying for the top place.

    I shall close the voting around the 28th/29th December.

    I'll be keeping all the ten photos on show at the voting page.

    The winner will be decided by those who have voted, not me, although if the votes end up tied I guess I might need to make a final casting vote myself.