Sunday, February 18, 2007


Someone has just published one of poems on their blog.

My Last Poem about Snow has appeared at Ink Stained Fingers.

Now don't get me wrong: the poem is correctly credited to me, and the source is quoted. It isn't a case of plagiarism. I'm very happy for Anna to use my poem. But why did she not seek my permission first? I could understand if there was no contact reference given or an out-of-date link, but the site where she saw my poem has a visible link to my contact page.

It is only by chance that I discovered her use of the poem. I just wish she'd told me herself and sooner.

Update: February 20th: It appears that rather than contact me and apologise for the oversight, the blogger has pulled the page from her blog. I wasn't asking her not to use the poem, but...

Anyhow the poem can be viewed on the Unlikely Stories website.


  1. Hi, Ackworth born, gone West, I enjoyed reading your blog and the various links.
    Maybe, you could also consider providing a link to my blog on your page:
    I have already published three collections of haiku. And my haiku and tanka have appeared in several zines and journals. Gerald England has also published my tanka, etc
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    R K