Tuesday, March 13, 2007

McNaught captured in words and pictures

photo © Danut Ionescu, 2007
words © Andrei Dorian Gheorghe, 2007

Our friends at SARM have come up with another compilation of astrohaiku and photographs. This one is dedicated to Comet McNaught.

My poem from the site has already appeared here.

Like me, several people write about their inability to see the comet because of bad weather or simply being in the wrong place. Arlene Carol Brill in Turkey writes a McGonagall-esque poem which includes lines such as:-
Searching the fiery horizon with straining eyes
For the glorious tail of the comet.
McNaught is NOT.


I was there
but McNaught
was naught!
but eventually
In broad daylight - I see it!
Victorious, eyes wide in deep amazement -
McNaught at noon! ...

The photographs range from North America through Europe to Siberia, but the best are those from the Southern Hemisphere, where the comet's tail is particulary prominent.

Here are three haiku from UK poets:

Just once, this fiery
Streak will enliven our skies -
Then go forever

John Francis Haines

brief sun pasture graze
intent, don’t notice sheep-drag
tail liar-nose grows

Steve Sneyd

hemlock trees-
the comet fans out over
Swifts Creek

Alan Summers

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  1. My astrological knowledge is of no help here. A great finding!:) I feel like a real McNaught. Makes me compare my nothingness with that of McNaught. Well captured!:)