Monday, March 26, 2007

one line haiku

The theme this week at One Deep Breath is one-line haiku.

Here is a selection of haiku written during our visit to Tenerife in February 2006.

  1. lift music wafts down the corridor into our room

  2. two palm trees a ladies old bicycle parked between

  3. purple flowers opposite burnt-out remains of mini-golf

  4. skateboard park iron bars at the entrance to the church

  5. on the roof outside the nudist zone topless sunbathers

  6. among dunes across the old crater snow and stones

  7. hillside terraces hang uncultivated between land-slips

  8. overcoats strewn on hotel lobby cases the weather back home

  9. red sailboat at the side of the motorway by a bus stop

## 2 & 6 were published in Time Haiku (UK).

## 4, 5 & 9 and the above charcoal were published in The Sons of Camus Writers International (Canada).


  1. I feel as though I've been on a whistestop tour of Tenerife - thanks!

  2. These I sense as photographs in a file. We went here and here...

    Thanks. :)

  3. Hmm... you've done this before I see! ;)
    I really enjoyed my little tour through your lovely words! Thank you!

  4. two palm trees a ladies old bicycle parked between

    I really like this one!

  5. One line Haiku is new to me. One thing that stood out as I read these, I began forming stories around each image. I didn't expect that.

    I enjoyed rummaging around your sites, so much to read.

  6. it's astounding how so few words can create a complete scene...fantastic!

  7. Thanks for sharing these. They really demonstrate how a whole scene can be shown within one line.

  8. This is so new to me a one line Haiku ...great to know about it

    I wish to inform you that we have in a new writer featured ..hope you will visit


  9. This is a travelogue in one line poetry~lovely!

  10. Gosh Gerald,you're a cultured as well as a kind sort of chap! Sorry about the "polution" caused by one human being. I thought "Great, a lonely duck/goose with NO PEOPLE in the way" then I looked closely and saw him.....HE SHOULDN'T BE THERE!!!!!

  11. for readers wondering what chuckeroon is on about, he's referring to a comment by me on his picture at Richmond on Thames DP.

    Actually I like the presence of the dog and its walker in his picture as did the Chinese lady who commented too.

  12. The one line haiku has a lot of potential. The effect here is like rifling through a bundle of holiday snapshots or twirling a postcard rack. Super!