Friday, April 27, 2007

Wood Pigeon in the Willow

A pair of wood pigeons {sometimes referred to as ring doves} are nest building nearby. Earlier today I got a couple of clear shots of one the birds extracting twigs from our willow tree.

A photo of the pair in our garden is on Hyde Daily Photo.


  1. These are excellent photos of a bird I have never seen in my lifetime. And that will soon be 73 years. I like your photography.

    I posted information about codes that might interest you.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  2. i love watching birds in their natural habitat

    wish i can buy telephoto lens also :)

  3. what a lovely photo!

    I can hear it whispering "my toes hurt, polly"

    Gerald if you have a moment, please join me for my birthday celebrations tomorrow!

  4. Oh...

    You don't know how this hit me... :) I use to see these pigeons from time to time, and you just gave me the name of them. They remind me of my son who died many years ago. His name means "dove" in Hebrew, and on special occasions when I need it... this kind of bird shows up near me.

    Thanks so much for adding these beautiful photos!

    Dove and pigeon share the same name in Norwegian. It's interesting that you have several names for the birds. I thought they were the same kind.

  5. My wood pigeons say 'Don't go to sleep; don't go to sleep' except they have gone quiet since sitting on their nest. It looks as if both are parked up there and they no longer come down to forage.