Thursday, June 21, 2007

Today in Chester

We went to Chester today on a day trip. It looked fine as we were setting off but showers were forecast so we took our macs and umbrella just in case.

The coach dropped us off near the Chester Ampitheatre where we met our friend Maureen.

After briefly watching the mock Roman soldiers we made our way into St. John Street where we had tea and sandwiches at the Wesley Methodist Church There was an art exhibition on inside the church but the best art in our opinion was the stained glass window.

Later we made our way into Grosvenor Park. It seemed full of very playful squirrels that were not afraid of venturing up close.

We followed a path that we thought would lead down to the river and went past this little building with a fish on top.

Instead of going towards the river it ended in four steps too steep for the wheelchair to negotiate. We had no option but to back-track. It was then we spotted this squirrel in a waste bin.

We found the path that did lead down towards the river under an old stone archway.

As we got past there the heavens opened and we quickly donned our coats and unfurled umbrellas. We thought we'd try for a river trip but unlike the last time we came they didn't have a ramp to allow access to the boat.

We went along to The Boat House for a late lunch. It is a large pub and has a splendid setting overlooking the Dee. The staff were friendly. The food was very expensive. Fish chips and peas cost £6.99 and we split the one meal between the three of us. The chips were luke-warm. To be fair they offered us some more chips but we made do. They didn't have pots of tea, only small cups at more than a pound a cup.

Nevertheless it was a good day out despite the mixed weather and a few disappointments.

Up in town I took a photograph of this toilet. I wanted to compare it with one posted recently on Cologne Daily Photo. It may just be the angle, but this looks larger than the one in Germany. That is a Royal Mail cycle parked outside it.


  1. Firstly, HAPPY 33rd ANNIVERSARY!

    May you have many more to come!

    Thank you very much for visiting my site. I should say, "Welcome to manila, Ackworth," though just in photographs.

    I like your site and will visit it regularly from now on.



  2. Its a long time since I was in Chester, I remember there is a suspension footbridge across the river.
    We dont have those cubicle toilets here, I think there is a law that public toilets are free, so no money is spent on them so they are cheap looking affairs our privvys... they call them washrooms here, a very sterile name, I dont go in to wash.

  3. I enjoyed reading your account of your day in Chester. I guess what has made the most impact though is the sign on the side of the toilet that reads "Driver in hurry. Child in coma."

    Apropos cherries, it's interesting that your cherries are imported from across the Atlantic, rather than from France or something like that (I don't know if CH exports them, I don't think they would be competitive with the EU offerings).

  4. Tea and sandwiches must have been the best deal. A day in Chester to remember, Roman scenes.. a sence of history..terrific.

  5. Thank for your visit. My English is very bad. I hope you understand to me. A hug from Buenos Aires.


  6. Will have to go to Chester again sometime - I certainly don't remember the mock Roman soldiers! I enjoyed looking at your photos - especially the first squirrel.

  7. Hey, we have these same toilets here in San Francisco!

    But I must say that I've never used one.