Monday, August 04, 2008

Bridge over Corporation Street

This month's contribution to Broer som Binder (Bridges between) finds us near to home in Manchester with a photograph taken in November 1999.

The new walkway bridge over Corporation Street was constructed to replace the old one destroyed in the IRA bombing of Manchester in June 1996.

The story is told in this BBC News item which includes a photograph of the original bridge across Corporation Street.

The new bridge is cylindrical, instead of oblong, but otherwise fits exactly as the original had. The walkway is neither level (sloping downwards from the Arndale Centre into Marks & Spencer) nor straight, as it was discovered that the original walkway entrances in the two buildings were not directly opposite one another, but slightly askew.

This view shows construction work still taking place in July 1998.

Additional images can be found on the BBC Manchester website.

I used an image of the old bridge on the cover of my collection Limbo Time.

A full list of participants to Broer som Binder can be found on Runes TX-blog.


  1. Nice bridge,and very intersting to reed about!

  2. Great photos and article. Thanks for the link. Interest.

    Well done.

    Our Bridge is Here.
    Come visit the crossing,
    Troy and Martha

  3. Another bridge with a bloopdy history. Nice to see that they took the opportunity to try a bit of new architecture.

  4. This was a nice bridge, like a tube-brigde. Interseting reading!

  5. Very cool bridge:) I like it! Interesting story as well:)

  6. I remember the bombing very clearly. Our son was at university there at the time. They have replaced it attractively.

  7. You're quite the historian. I hope to work some into my work in the future. Really interesting.
    Pensacola Daily Photo

  8. This is a very interesting post, Gerald. I followed the link and read the BBC article. Thanks.

  9. Now that was a very uniq bridge and nice interesting reading too.

  10. Very interesting views and explanation.
    Thanks for the link: I am putting your site in my blogroll too.