Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ink Sweat & Tears

I recently discovered a new literary webzine that has been on the go now for about five months.

Ink Sweat & Tears edited by Charles Christian, describes itself as
a new webzine that explores the borderline between poetry and prose in the digital age. In otherwords that point in creative writing where prose poetry (or free verse) meets poetic prose.
which might put some people off, but it is not full of pseudo-avant-garde nonsense posing as reactionary postmodernism. On the contrary it goes in for publishing an eclectic range of pieces, from quite traditionally crafted short poems to pieces of flash fiction, short videos, haibun and haiga.

Contributors include such names as Gwilym Williams, CarrieAnne Thunell, Juliet England (no relation) and Colin Cross.

My own contribution is a haibun entitled Underfoot

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