Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Creature Features #15

Subtitled "The Ark of Writing", Creature Features is a magazine of short stories, poetry and artwork whose subject matter relates to animals of all kinds. Indeed as well as cats and dogs, birds of all description, there are butterflys, caterpillars, rats, badgers, lions, walruses, elephants, crickets and hermit crabs all included.

Whilst this is definitely a magazine for lovers of animals, it probably isn't for lovers of fine literature. Though many of the articles are interesting and quite well written, few of the so-called haiku are correctly labelled thus and many of the pieces, especially the poetry, are what I would term "twee".

Nonetheless it contains some gems such as Herbert Williams' set of poems about a hawk
He brought us trophies
with pride, put
mangled remains
at our feet
and could not understand our horror.
Also excellent are Loraine Stayer's story GRANDMOTHER TO A DUCK and Dr. Adolf P Shvedchikov's chilling COME, WE'VE FOUND YOUR LOST CAT.
Creature Features
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Gropious Street No. 30
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ISSN 1450-3352
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  1. I left a comment for you on Hyde. I missed the reference to this blog until afterwards. I see you are a writer, as am I , but I'm sure I'm not nearly as experienced as you. Nevertheless you may be interested to see that I have done a re-write of R. D. Blackmore's "Mary Anerley."

    I leave for vacation in the morning so can't follow up on your other blogs, I'm still packing! I return December 5th and will pick up again after that.

  2. I'm glad you popped the link on from today's ABC. I must check this out now. I do find blogging and endless source of information.