Friday, November 09, 2007

The Sons of Camus

Singapore heat;
government buildings tower
above clean streets

artwork & haiku © gerald england, 2007.

This haiku and charcoal is one of five such contributions by me to the latest issue (#5) of The Sons of Camus Writers International Journal.

A substantial 190 pages it has poetry, artwork, prose. I especially like the Chinese drawings of Suki Humphreys. As I only got my contributor's copy a few days ago I haven't had a chance to read much of it yet.

Other writers include Raymond Humphreys, Herbert Kuhner, John Light, Les Merton, Morelle Smith, Ouyang Yu, Marina P Zografou and several others.

The journal is edited by Ann J. Davidson and published by Rubi Andredakis in Cyprus. The price CY£5, €9, UK£6, US$10, CAN$15 includes shipping. Contact the publisher on Submissions for the next issue [only from writers over the age of 55] will be considered from January to March 2008 and should be sent to

As well as the Singapore charcoals and haiku, I also have a haibun and three poems about Crete published in this issue. Here is one of them:


on a hot tin roof
stares over hotel roofs and pools
at yachts sailing the blue Mediterranean

a second hawk flies in
from the mountains

the first lifts off
shows the white underside of wings
and the two are away

© Gerald England

You can see a photograph of one of those hawks on my photoblog Sithenah and one of the yachts from the same vantage point on Crete 2006.


  1. Neat, neat, neat! I am so glad you posted this, Gerald. All of it is well-done, inspirational even. Thanks.

  2. Wonderful. I so enjoy your creative posts.