Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hyde Photo of the Year 2008: Runner-up

A footpath runs from Four Lane Ends at the top of Higham Lane down to Lower Higham Visitor Centre in Werneth Low Country Park.

About half way along is a kissing gate which gives access to Rye Field.

Today's theme on Hyde DP is Photo of the Year. I couldn't pick just one out of all the photos I'd published this year, so selected twelve contenders, created a web page, and asked all my readers to vote for their choice. I want to thank all the people who took the trouble to vote. The winning picture is shown on Hyde DP. The runner-up is shown above.

Here are the results, together with links to the original postings and some comments from voters. All twelve photographs can be viewed together at The Best of Hyde Daily 2008

199 votes
Path from River to Canal
a brilliant image ~~ excellent artistic merit ~~ extremely evocative photo ~~ a beautiful composition and the black & white enhances it ~~ a very romantic english scene ~~ wonderful perspective.

137 votes
Kissing Gate to Rye Field
as a kid I walked through many of those same country gates when I used to walk with my grandfather on the Low ~~ Werneth Low has many happy memories of growing up a walk was always a cheap day out ~~ I love how you can see out over the town ~~ reminds me so much of the countryside around Hyde, where I was born ~~ the texture of the stone wall is awesome.

101 votes
Border Post
I love the scene depicted ~~ it shows serenity.

87 votes
Newton St Mary's
some of my relatives are buried there ~~ like the light and shadow.

82 votes
Out into the Light
The pigeon was very helpful at sitting still, you must have crept around it! difficult light shines into a tunnel ~~ love the hazy effect.

82 votes
Close-up on Time
I have looked up at that clock so many times ~~ beautifully done ~~ being an ex builder the brickwork and stonework are a delight.

76 votes
Authentic Indian Cuisine
appealing on many levels - color, composition, subject, the figure ~~ I wish I could visit this food stall ~~ it contains delicious morsels.

63 votes
Horsemen at Windy Ridge
I love anything equestrian and this is a particularly good photo, framed as it is by the plants ~~ like the fluffy willow herb in the foreground.

57 votes
Gee Cross in Springtime
purely for nostalgia as both my wife and I were brought up in Gee Cross, almost too long ago to remember ~~ for the relationship between heritage and youth.

41 votes
April Fool's Day
the boy's bored look wins it for me.

23 votes
Hole in the Road
maddening but fascinating.

17 votes
Jolly Carter
can remember it as a boy about 1937.

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  1. The kissing gate invites you into the photo and the walk. Like it.