Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ABC Wednesday - D is for Ducks Crossing

The photograph is from August 1986 and was taken somewhere in Huntingdonshire. We were staying in our touring caravan in a field at a site known as a certificated location.

This poem was first published in the magazine Periaktos and included in my collection Stealing Kisses and the anthology Positively Poetry. Copies of both these last two publications are still available, direct from myself.


Beyond the wooded embankment home of Flopsy, Mopsey, Bobtail -
over which the diesels thunder
on their flight from King's Cross to Waverley,
the village lies hidden from view.

The green is split but each side cottage-lined -
a wood of shelter for snails
opposite bare grass and war-memorial
with Church Lane a "No Through Road".

Between the Post Office Stores, half of a house -
and the Elephant & Castle's bloated car-park
leading to beer-garden, swings, play-area,
stands the twice-a-week bus shelter.

The parish notice-board is discreet but manifests -
a note from the US Airforce concerning
a vital twenty-four hour NATO exercise
during which the commander will ensure

night-time flying is to be kept to a minimum -
On the approach lane to a nearby hamlet
a warning-sign establishes priority
- "Slow ! Ducks crossing !"


Although not officially partaking in ABC Wednesday, my post today at Hyde DP is D for Daffodils.


  1. You know its great when we stop and acknowledge that we're not the only species on earth. i love seeing signs like this.
    Happy wednesday

  2. What a great picture. I loved the poem.

  3. It's nice to see a sign to recognize the ducks in the area. I guess your "certificated locations" is known as "RV Parks" in the States.

  4. That's a wonderful warning sign. There should be more op them. And your poem leads up to it very well.

  5. In respect for Ducks, all living creatures, as well! :)

  6. I think this must be the first sign of birds crossing I have ever seen. Gives one chance to think a bit, though...

  7. I very nearly posted a picture of own ducks some years back. Hmmmmmmmmmm I feel a tale coming on...hmmmmm yes indeedy deedy!

  8. What a great sign! Did you see any ducks crossing?

  9. Hey, I've got a pick of lots of ducks crossing in front of our car, on an earlier trip in the Philippines. it caused a traffic jam. Hmmm, must dig it out and show it off some time! That's an interesting poem. :)

  10. Never saw a duck crossing before. Nice poem to go with your post.

  11. Love the poem and that sign is wonderful ..

  12. Wonderful poem and I really like your choice for the letter D.

  13. What a cute photo. Great that people have to stop for the ducks!!
    Yes my dog looks very mutch to the breed Jack Russel Terrier, but it is not the same bred. Danish/Swedish Farmdogs are a litle bit longer, faster and there is almost not noice in them. Only when people come near our door;) But when I see some photos of them I always think: Is this a JRT or DSF??
    Have a nice day:)

  14. When I used to travel to Chippenham from Corsham, I often had to stop in Easton to allow the farm ducks to cross the road!

  15. Hi Gerald, bet the Ducks got Dirty too. haha.

    great D post too.

  16. A delightful post; nice pic and poem. I have seen similar signs here too - not just for ducks.

  17. And so wonderful to provide a chance for thosee ducks and any other creatures we so disregard in most cases.

  18. Nice photo and poem to tie it together.

    PS. Sorry I am late

  19. Cute. Duck crossing and no ducks. LOL.