Friday, February 29, 2008

Haiku Canada Review Vol.2 #1

The latest issue of Haiku Canada Review is Vol.2 #1

As well as the usual array of news, reviews and original work, there is a special article by Janick Belleau, translated from French into English by Dorothy Howard; CANADIAN HAIKU WOMEN PIONEERS FROM SEA TO SEA (1928-1985).

The magazine also comes with a Haiku Canada Sheet, in this case, AGEING by Naomi Beth Wakan. Of the dozen haiku my favourite is
cancer support group
next to the tea and cookies
a plastic breast
Haiku Canada Review
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  1. Will get my mum to check this out later Gerald. I am still over at Argument Cottage you see, but do check out my blog, I have a new companion for the expedition.