Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Out with Tom on Early Bank Road

This morning I was out with Tom Wigley on a photographic expedition around Hyde.

At one point he took us up Early Bank Road. I hadn't intended taking a video but somehow this little movie got shot. Having taken it, it makes sense to share it.

This video clip was actually taken after the end of the more hair-raising section of the road. I haven't edited in any way at all.

Most of the fifty photographs I took this morning will end up on this or other blogs at some future date; the majority on Hyde Daily Photo.


  1. Looks a bit like the condition of most of the side streets in this area!

  2. Great video! Bumpy ride! My husband and I spend the majority of our time seeking out areas such as these with our Jeep TJ.
    We've had modifications done to absorb some of the bumps, of course as normal stock Jeeps just can't take it. But either way, being out there is fun. Land Rovers are terrific vehicles and I had the opportunity to ride in one and loved it. Hopefully you will get more time to spend riding around in it. It is quite an experience as you have seen.
    The Rocky Mountain Retreat

  3. What a shame you did not video the bit just before this when it felt like it was tipping.. we also sound like those two old duffers from the muppets.. ha! nice morning out Gerald.. Glad I could have been a service to you..

  4. You are friends with Tom?? Wow. He's like a star, isn't he! I have got to tell you that the road there is EXACTLY like the condition of all of our roads! (OK, ours are wider, for two cars). In fact, the bad roads here inspired that mud haiku (or haiga?) of mine a short time ago. And broke my car. $900 broke so that I can't buy my new camera. So now I hate my car.

    I need another memory card for my camera: on trips like you and Tom took I take literally hundreds of photographs.

  5. I have to say... that is a true commitment to getting the right shot!