Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shearsman ##75 & 76

The latest issue of Shearsman is ##75 & 76

Edited by Tony Frazer and founded in 1981, the magazine used to be in booklet format and consisted of poetry and reviews and published (roughly) quarterly. After #62 the magazine changed to its current format of twice-yearly double issues, softback books of around 100 pages.

The reviews are now only published on the magazine/press's website. This means you get a substantial amount of poetry for your money. The majority of contributors are represented by a group of poems (around three or four pages worth) rather than single poems. The poets this issue include Anne Gorrick, Harry Guest, Lynne Hjelmgaard, Alisdair Paterson, Janet Sutherland, Nathaniel Tarn and others. Some work in translation is also included.

Shearsman operates a submissions-window system, whereby submissions are only considered during the months of March and September, when selections are made for the October and April issues respectively. Submissions may be sent by mail or email, but email attachments (other than PDFs) are not accepted.

It should go without saying that no-one should submit work to any magazine they haven't seen before.

As well as the magazine, Shearsman Books publishes a substantial number of new titles each year. Most recent collections include The Recreation of Night by Tamara Fulcher and Footnotes by Avik Chanda.

58 Velwell Road
ISSN 0260-8049
£8.50 [$13.50]
Subscriptions: 2 dble-issues £12 [Europe £14; RoW £15]
cheques [sterling only] payable to "Shearsman Books"

visit the website of Shearsman Books
Read reviews of earlier issues.

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