Thursday, May 08, 2008

Changes at Iota

There is new editorial team at Iota

Janet Murch and Bob Mee write
A new editorial team will be taking over iota after #82 due out in June 2008. We have enjoyed editing iota for the last six years and are pleased to be handing it over to such an able team. Hopefully, the transition will be seamless. We will be selecting poems until the next edition is filled and will then pass all submissions to the new team. They will be selecting poems anonymously so from now on please do not include your name on the same sheet as your work. The new submission guidelines are at We would like to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged us in our editorship of iota — we couldn't have done it without you.
The journal will now be edited by a team of poets from the University of Gloucestershire led by Nigel McLoughlin. The new editorial board will be made up as follows:
  • Nigel McLoughlin (Editor): author of four poetry collections, the latest of which is Dissonances (bluechrome, 2007).
  • Kate North (Reviews Editor): is a poet and novelist whose poems have twice been short-listed for a Forward Prize.
  • Angela France (Listings & Features Editor): editor of the on-line journal The Shit Creek Review.
  • Sonia Hendy-Isaac (Performance & Articles Editor): about to start her PhD in Poetry at the University of Gloucestershire.
The team have extended their thanks to the outgoing editors, Bob Mee and Janet Murch, for trusting them with the future of iota and for their excellent and dedicated work in stewarding the journal's development for the last six years and for helping to make the transition to the new editorial team as seamless as possible. They hope that they can follow in the fine reputation established by the founding editor David Holliday, continued and strengthened by Bob and Janet, for publishing the best in modern poetry without regard to literary reputations or cliques. They hope that the partnership of the Editorial Board, who are all part of the Creative Writing Programme at the University of Gloucestershire, and the publishing and distribution expertise of Bluechrome Press, will ensure the future survival of iota for many years to come.
Nigel McLoughlin,
Editorial Board, iota,
Room QU223, Francis Close Hall,
University of Gloucestershire,
Swindon Road,
Cheltenham, GL50 4AZ.
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