Wednesday, June 04, 2008

ABC Wednesday - T is for Teithside Tree

This week I bring you an alder tree by the side of the River Teith in Callander.

I earlier published a version of this photograph on my Scotland 2005 site and in March I had an email from an author who wanted to use the photograph in a book. He wrote
The book is an epic poem called The Crimson King and is written from a Christian worldview. It's a lot like Pilgrim's Progress if you're familiar with that work. Please advise on the use of this photo. Of course I will give you a credit line for the photo.
I replied agreeing provided he sent me two copies of the book. I've not had a reply to my reply so don't know if he got my email or not.

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  1. Whether it was used or not - a beautiful photo. I do like reflections, and this one gave me a sense of peace and quiet.

    PS I think I'll return to the Wednesday concept like you do. I have tested preposting at 01.00 and log-on to Mr. Linky when I get round to it on Sky Watch. This Mr. Linky-stuff is not for me.

  2. You can or could find the person online with a little checking and see if the book is done. Use his name as the author in "books" on

    If he wrote it and used his name and it is published it will pop up there.

    The photograph itself is nice and worthy of a place in print.

  3. I agree with Runee on this one:)

    Petunia's ABC

  4. What a great photo with the reflection...hope it got used and he just hasn't had an opportunity to let you know!

  5. Beautiful photograph, the reflection is perfect in this shot.

  6. Beautiful reflection Gerald.

    Come and visit my Tree House.

  7. I'm not surprised he wanted to use it, it's splendid. I do hope he contacts again.

  8. I hope it gets published (that was not an extravagant request from you!) because it deserves to be. The tree shape alone is fantastic and the reflection makes it a one in a thousand shot (or in my case, two thousand).