Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ABC Wednesday - V is for Vroom Vroom

I wasn't sure what I was going to post for V until I saw Babooshka's Flying Bike. It reminded me of the motorcycle display team I'd watched two years ago. Vroom vroom, I thought, hearing the sound of roaring engines in my head, time to get those photos I took out there.

In 2006 we took a cruise visiting the Baltics. I started a blog to publish pictures from the trip and recount our adventures. See Baltic 2006. Half the journey has been recorded but I got busy with one thing and another and hit writers block with it. Bits and pieces of the story have appeared elsewhere including two posts here about Oslo.

At the end of the cruise we stayed overnight in Southampton before flying home to Manchester the next day. You can read my Trip Advisor report on the hotel.

The hotel was about a fifteen minute walk from the village of West End to where I went to buy some sandwiches and other provisions for lunch. I discovered it was Carnival Day, so later in the afternoon I went back to enjoy looking around the stalls. Highlights were eating strawberries and ice-cream in the refreshment tent, being invited to sit in the shade by members of the organising Hamble Valley Rotary Club and watching the No Limitz Motorcycle Display Team in action.

The displays were excellent and these photos don't really do them justice and I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get around to thanking them for providing an enjoyable end to our cruise holiday.

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  1. Well obviously I'm totally biased, but this is an excellent post both to read and view. You certainly captured the atmosphere and the movement of those magnificent stunt bikes. Hat off to you, A marvellous vroom v post.

    Flying bike, cheers.

  2. Good looking bikes, great action and probably lots of fun... also great sound effects... "vroom, vroom"!

  3. Nice vroom photos and wonderful vroom weather!

  4. As usual great shots and educational post.

  5. We had a stunt bicycle show at school last year. The student who had sold the most in the fundraiser got to be jumped over. The look on her face as she sat at the top of the ramp is priceless.

  6. Obviously I am well chuffed.
    Were these kawasakis?
    Just wondered, the colour and all that!

  7. Those bikers lined up under the jump, I think I would request a new position if I was the last guy. Interesting post.

  8. In Spain, we would have that to hang these stupendous you take in the "R" of Rrrrrrrrruuummmmmmm, Rrrruuuummmm!!!
    Some precious and even stunning shots!!

  9. I could imagine the noise although some bikes are surprisingly quiet and they don't use much fuel either! Interludes are found often when not looking for them.