Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ABC Wednesday - W is for Wreck of the Riverdance

Whilst in Blackpool last month, I took the bus up to Cleveleys to see what was left of the Riverdance which ran aground at the end of January.

The stricken vessel, belonging to Seatruck Ferries had been carrying trucks and trailers from Warrenpoint in Northern Ireland to Heysham in Lancashire, when it was struck by a freak wave. You can read the full report on the BBC News.

This picture was taken looking across the sands from Blackpool North Pier.

At first it had been hoped to refloat the ship as it was merely listing. Eventually, however, it landed on its side like this. The plan now is to cut it up into bits and remove it.

These next three pictures were taken a couple of days later from the top deck of bus near Little Bispham.

There are a large number of very interesting videos on YouTube, mostly taken in early February, when the ferry was still listing. The Blackpool Gazette has a gallery of photos including some up to date ones of the continuing operation to cut it up into pieces.

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  1. It made a great subject for photos, but the implications of it still lying there is far worse. We have had some along the coast her that is causing endless trouble.

  2. We saw this when we went ot Fleetwood. It really has become a tourist mecca. Excellent images of it and info again.

  3. Very great series of photos! Ferries are not all together always safe! Fortunately we had always a safe crossing. The only crossing I didn't like was the one from IJmuiden to New Castle, for I got seasick. The return voyage was better, for we had an other ferry.

  4. A melancholy sight - something so unnatural about the appearance that gives one a strange feeling.
    I'm glad they are working on removing her.

  5. excelent shots of ur wreck of the Riverdance

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  6. same with is nice wreck series shots.

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  7. These are great captures of the wreck. Interesting post.


  8. Its sad to see ship rust away in a beach, but at the sametime, it would make great topic for time lapse movie or photo series, if you would return to same place on regular intervals and always take new photograph with identical framing with the previous photograph.

  9. It is like some beached sad.

  10. I kinda like the wreck. If it isn't leaking oil, it might be quite nice to leave as a sort of sculpture. Later on wrecks become homes for all sorts of fish and crabs. Makes for good diving if they are out deep enough.