Wednesday, July 02, 2008

ABC Wednesday - X is for Xercise Poles

These, I understand, are xercise poles. Xactly what one does with them, I don't know. I came across them the other week on my way home from Gee Cross Fete. I went up Hill Street and past where the scout hut used to be. Then I walked through some woods and came out at the back of Holy Trinity graveyard. And there I found them.

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  1. I seem to recal that people used to do a thing called Xercise on these pole things - I never did of course - but apparently some people thought it helped them get "fit".

    Great post(s)!

    Bodge's Bulletin

  2. You have had to 'X'ercise great ingenuity to get all you pics for this theme. Well done.

  3. My arms are so weak i can't do any of those sorts of exercises.

  4. Oh cool -- a jungle-gym for big kids...   But I think I'd only try it out if nobody else was looking...
    Wishing you a great X day.

  5. Maybe eXercises? Lovely photos in any case.

  6. Ha! Nice one - playing wordgames, huh?
    I had to play them to, to arrive at my "X".
    Cheers, Klaus
    (And thanks for visiting!)

  7. These look like the kind of thing I could injure myself on in a few seconds!

  8. That was a great way to link to this site. Curiosity and all that.
    Lets leave the kids to tire themselves on these I think. Ingenious x.

  9. My son would love to play on these posts! Great photos for this hard-to-find letter (for me at least...).
    Kisses from Nydia.