Monday, July 14, 2008

Blogger problems rotating images.

Is anyone else having problems with blogger rotating images?

I tried earler today to prepare a post for later in the week. When I uploaded the photo from my computer, blogger rotated it 90 degrees.

After other attempts I tried loading a rotated image hoping it might rotate that back to the correct position and it loaded that correctly.

I went into my picasa-album and deleted all the rotated files.

I created these test images and they load up correctly without rotating.

I'm going slightly bonkers here having spent in excess of an hour on this problem.


  1. I have problems with blogger uploading pictures! tried for 30 minutes today...

  2. Sounds strange. I used to have problems uploading but that was in the old days with my PC. I got myself a new Mac a year ago and for whatever reason that was the end of those difficulties. Unvoluntary rotation, never seen any of that. Did you find an explanation yet?

  3. No I didn't get it sorted - just gone through 8 or 9 pages to find my original query in the blogger-help (?) group and there were no replies.

    Some very naive questions asked there and I'm sure some of the replies are pointing to dubious sites rather then the help they profess to give.

    One other post rotated so I did the workaround of hosting pic elsewhere - since then it seems to be behaving.

  4. I had this problem today and then managed to fix it. I have no idea why it was happening. I was viewing the image on my PC as landscape, but it was uploading to Blogger as portrait.

    I went back to the original image on my PC, opened it in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, rotated it a few times (got a msg about the possibility of losing image quality, which I ignored), and then closed it. After this, Blogger uploaded at the right angle.

  5. Yes, I have been having this problem for the last few days. I'm not doing anything differently than I've been doing for years -- same software, same image sizes, same camera, etc. The photos look fine on my computer but blogger keeps rotating them 90 degrees counter-clockwise. It doesn't seem to do it with most photos, just random ones.

  6. I've had this problem and it's been maddening, but Vic's solution did the trick.

    I even tried pre-rotating my picture a quarter turn in the wrong direction to see if Blogger's error would compensate... but nope, that time it uploaded it correctly.

    After seeing Vic's comment here, I tried it: opening in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, rotating it several times (4 to 5 times, depending on what orientation you need) and then resaving it. The upload then worked fine.

  7. And incidentally, Blogger's help was worthless on this topic. It was only after finding this thread that I found the answer. So thanks everyone! :)