Friday, October 24, 2008

A Guide to Haiku Publications, 2008

The Haiku Society of America has just published A Guide to Haiku Publications, 2008.

Readers should note
that the Haiku Society of America does not endorse these magazines and web sites. This is the result of a survey of the editors of these publications and represents sharing an opportunity for HSA member involvement rather than an official endorsement of any particular publication or its contents.
It mentions my review site and states
NHI Review Online has published reviews of poetry books and individual issues of journals and is a uniquely valuable resource. The editor advises, "However, as from January 31st 2008, NHI Review will no longer be reviewing new titles. All the reviews currently published will be kept. Pages will continue to be updated to reflect changes in publisher's and magazine's addresses, web sites &c. New issues of magazines will be noted, although not reviewed."
That applies to all the reviews and you'll find links to haiku reviews specifically at Haiku Reviews.

I have published a few reviews on this blog and intend to do more. I have a box full of books and magazines awaiting review, but other things intervene, time passes and not all will get done.

Meanwhile, the HSA list is a good resource to check out.

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