Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thorny Locust Vol 17 Summer/Fall

The latest issue of Thorny Locust is Vol 17 Summer/Fall.

It has a full-colour cover for, I think, the first time, with artwork by assistant editor, Dave Paarmann, which runs over to the back-cover.

It is stated that
In this issue writers assert that humans, from pet lovers to rapists, do not follow any sensible rules to live by.
Make of it what you will. Not all this enthralled me much but there were highlights such as Charles Cantrell's poem about a 3 a.m. nude, J Jaime Parajo's alphabetcised political primer, Maril Crabtree's CONFESSIONAL and WALDEN POND by B Z Niditch. The best though was saved till last - the one bit of prose amongst the poems, a story by Myrtle Archer about a group of old ladies battling with their menfolk's use of viagra. It is a superb piece of humour with a sting in the tail.

Thorny Locust
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