Sunday, November 09, 2008


below the M6
above the penny ferry
a sea-bound ship

words & photo © 2008, Gerald England.

Posted in response to the paradox theme at One Single Impression

The ferry referred to now costs 11p apparently, and the M6 bridge is now rather wider.


  1. ..whenever i read ur post ur grip on the understanding of life,the idea,and the elegance of expression make me happy,many thanks..

  2. What a lovely if grainy old photo. I never knew about that ferry across the Manchester Ship Canal.

  3. Great bit of history you incorporated into this prompt!

  4. Hi Gerald--
    This feels peaceful and like movement is happening, at the same time!

    Thanks for stopping by the Virtual Tea House--I tried to get back to your site, but wasn't able to via the link you put in. You may have to make sure you don't have two 'http:' puts one in automatically!

    Many thanks for this evocative poem--

  5. That photo is so mysterious just like the meaning of paradox. Your haiku is great.

  6. A wonderful photo and haiku for Paradox.
    Thank You for sharing it.