Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Poetry Church Vol 13 #4

The Poetry Church has changed editors. John Waddington-Feather has handed the reins over to Tony Reavill. So now instead of being published by Feather Books it comes from Moorside Works and Music.

So far the format is barely changed; apart from a group of poem-prayers at the beginning, the poems are published in alphabetic order of author's surnames rather than any thematic arrangement. Although a few reviewers have rightly criticised the standard of some of the work published in this magazine, which at times seems to be preaching to the converted, it has a number of excellent writers among its contributors.

A couple of my favourites from this issue are Dorothy Koenigsberger's WOLF ANGEL
... one appeared to me - as animal!
Caged wolf, in a dinky upstate zoo,
and Patricia Lucas' COLUMBINE
Her pink, white or mauve slender flowers
that grace late spring woodlands and hedgerows
will let their seed spread.
The issue ends with some short reviews and items of news.
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  1. I once sent a poem to the Rev. Feather. He said he only published poems from subscribers, so he didn't consider it. Maybe the new editor will have a broader canvas?