Wednesday, January 07, 2009

ABC Wednesday - Y is for Yorkshire (again)

words © Susan Shand; photograph © Betty Longbottom.

A year ago I posted Y is for Yorkshire in the first round of ABC and introduced you to haiku in Yorkshire dialect.

I now bring you the work of Susan Shand.

kids laikin'
next doors do a moonlight flit
t' 'uddersfield

up Bingley 5-rise
roses spred all ovver t' walls
even on t' barges

dawn on t' Otley Chevin
747s off t't' sunshine

I have combined the first of these haiku with a photograph of Houses at bottom of Outcote Bank by Betty Longbottom, used here with permission, to create a haiga.

You can find a dialect haiga of my own on Winter Haiku 2008/09.

More Y posts can be seen on the ABC Wednesday Anthology blog.

Others can be found via the ABC Wednesday with Mister Linky which carries a registry of participants.


  1. I know we have discussed this before, but I'm still at amazed how you manage to do this - even with such excellent help!

  2. One classic view of a classic county! The haiku is well-written too!

  3. I like the idea of a team post. No, I couldn't do it. Northern Haiku is novel.

  4. I love the accented poem! I used to sing 'Bleydon Races' with a terribly Southern accent. I suppose that's not the same area?

  5. THose houses have such a wonderful flowing line to them. And I love the accompanying haiku.

  6. Just imagined I was listening to Last of the Summer Wine! A true gem.

  7. love the haiku! hope it came with a podcast so that i can listen how it should be recited. i am fond of listening to accents!

    mine is here. hope you can visit too!

    happy wednesday!

  8. It reads like a foreign language to me - and I've been friendly with several Yorkshire natives!

    Thank you, on behalf of the ABC Team, for your continued participation.