Monday, February 23, 2009

Jam & Scones

I happened to mention the word scone on Facebook recently and a New Yorker asked if English scones were similar to American scones.

A mutual friend from Sydney chipped in with
I seem to remember American scones being a bit hard and a good English scone is light and fluffy
to which New Yorker replied
our scones here are crusty and sprinkled with lots of sugar on top. And they are usually the size of a muffin.
and when our Australian sheila linked to a photo of a scone, the American said they called such items biscuits.

Well here is the scone I ate earlier this afternoon. It is cut in half and spread with butter (well low-fat spread actually) and jam. The top half has got strawberry jam on and since that was last in the jar, I had to open a new jar of apricot jam to spread on the bottom half.

Top left is the scone I'll be munching tomorrow - it is a cherry scone and I get them from the market - £1.50 for a packet of six - they do currant scones too.

Just for the record, top right are couple of biscuits - plain digestives as it happens; it seems Americans call them cookies!

I'm not sure that other scone is going to last till tomorrow.


  1. But let's not get into a discussion on 'drop scones', 'soda scones', etc...

  2. Posh people call them scones (the 'o' as in cone) and the rest of us call them scones (the 'o' as in gone). I suspect that Gerald, being a Northerner, uses the second variant.
    They look delicious.