Monday, June 01, 2009

Cow Heel and Tripe

Today's post is a complementary to the one on Hyde Daily Photo where you'll find a close-up of the cow heels seen here.

It was taken recently at the tripe stall belonging to Jack Curvis.

Jack, now in his 70s has been running the stall on Hyde's indoor market for nearly 20 years.

His customers from all over - Buxton, Macclesfield - and even from France. There are very few tripe places left now but the ones that are left, people travel to.


  1. Creative take on this month's theme! Can't say I've ever tried cow heel!

  2. My dad used to eat tripe, I never liked it. Considering that I never tried it, how can I say that?

  3. That is a thing I have never tasted - I have a feeling it doesn't taste like steak...

    PS Thank you for the comment and welcome!