Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Bench (6): Eddie's Bench

This is Eddie's bench behind a drystone wall by the A670 from Ashton-under-Lyne to Mossley in Lancashire.

"In loving memory of Eddie Wrigley late of Tonge Bottom Farm. A dear husband, dad and grandad. Born 27.7.1925 Died 24.10.2001."

Tonge Bottom Farm is now the Hartshead Inn. It lies down in the valley at the bottom of a driveway off the the main road. You cannot see it from here.

This is what you can see. The view looks across to Hartshead Pike. The pike is not the highest part of the hill, but, at 940 feet above sea level, its prominent position has meant that, from early times, it has been the site of a beacon or signalling station. The present tower was built in 1863.

My favourite benches from last week include Phill & Mandy's island bench, Anne-Berit's in Mo i Rana, Leatherdyke's near a chippy in Chesterfield, Dina's bench with cat, Kerri's on the Stoney Creek Trail, Rune's in Kristiansand and Barbara's at the Pitt-Addington marsh. There have been others but I can't mention them all.


  1. A very nice touch. We don't have many dedicated like this.

    And if you get thirsty or hungry I see that there is an inn nearby

  2. It looks a lot like the garden bench that was in my mother's garden. It was teak and she had brought it to Devon from her home in London. Sadly I gave it away as I couldn't bring it to Canada after her death.

  3. A lovely memorial where people still congregate.

  4. Beautiful memorial bench with a nice view too.

  5. That is a lovely post, benchs are a nice way to remember special people. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog earlier.

  6. This is my Grandfather's bench. He was a special man. Thank you for the lovely pictures and kind comments.