Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Bench (8) St Peter's Square

This week's bench is by the fountains in St Peter's Square, Stockport, Cheshire. The area was somewhat derelict a few years ago but was recently transformed.

My favourite benches from last week include Deslilas's in Troyes-en-Champagne, the Sylvan Muse's outside a pub in Durham, Malyss's autumn benches, Rune's in Askvik kapell and Denise's bench by a frog fountain.


  1. This is a pretty place to sit on a hot summer day by a refreshing fountain.

  2. This one must win the prize for being the most original bench - I have never seen anything like it. Very modernistic, nut the again, it somehow it fits in very well with the classic buildings in the background.

  3. Sleek bench. Looks like a giant's anvil.

  4. This is what I'd call a Sharp bench!I'm not sure it's comfortable, but I like the place where it is: a wild open aera, and most of all, a refreshing fountain, which is the thing I like to see the most during those days of heat..

  5. In St. Peter’s Square
    weary pedestrians rest
    beside the fountain.

  6. Cool bench but I'd be afraid to sit on either end as it looks a bit like a seesaw. ;-)
    Wonderful choice!