Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Bench (9); Hellesylt

Hellesylt is a small village in the Stranda Municipality, which is a part of the Møre and Romsdal County in the western part of Norway. The site of the village on the mountain sides at the end of the Sunnylvs Fiord is exceptionally picturesque. Right through the centre, 100 meters from Grand Hotel, the Hellesylt waterfall gushes down into the Fiord. This waterfall is one of the most photographed sites in Norway.

From Hellesylt the ferry to Geiranger leaves five-ten times a day during the summer season.

I visited the village briefly in 2005 and you can read about my day-trip from Geiranger on my Cruise Journal.

My favourite benches from last week include Rune meeting up with internet friends in Bergen, Barbara's at Two Jack Lake, Malyss's adopted benches at the Château of Versailles, Leatherdyke's dreary bench in Chesterfield, Dina's in the Jerusalem Hills, Nonizamboni's in Minnesota and PERB's historic benches near Rainier.


  1. That was very nice of you to show a bench from Norway, and in very fine surroundings too. I must admit that I have never been there - but I must someday.

    PS Mine will be up at 02.00 GMT

    PPS Thank you for feeding us with more benches that I at least have missed. I will do a round of those.

  2. Oh the picnic bench! Invented by somebody with a great sense of humour!

  3. A perfect place for a bench to become mesmerized by the sound of rushing water over rocks.

  4. Love this shot of the falls, just a gorgeous looking area.

  5. A bench for refreshing the body (picnic table) and soul (gorgeous waterfall.) Thanks for coming by.