Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday Bench (10): Carrbrook Bowling Club

This is a follow up to my ABC Wednesday post about Carrbrook.

The bowling green dates from at least 1909. In 1988 the Friends of Carrbrook was formed, whose members restored the bowling green, which was reopened on Friday 17th April 1992. The new pavillion was opened in 1999.

Information from Carrbrook Village website.

My favourite benches discovered last week include Leatherdyke's with a banana tree in Leamington Spa, Tom's with magpies, Barbara's en route to a nudist beach, Carrie's in Portrush and PERB's stone benches at a farmers' market.


  1. A bench in a good location to watch the action close up.

  2. What a beautiful bench with a great location. IS that another simple bench to the right? Come and see my bench -- it is up early.

    By the way, I am glad you liked the Farmers Market stone bench on my blog last week but the bench I entered for Rune's challenge was a stone double bench on Sunrise Road on Mount Rainier.

  3. I really like sturdy wooden benches such as this. I see hem occasionally over here but not often.