Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Bench (13): Old Parsonage Gardens

This week's bench is one I discovered in the Old Parsonage Gardens at Didsbury, Manchester.

It was a hot day when I visited the gardens at the beginning of June. The outside of two nearby hostelries were thronged with lunchtime drinkers, but inside these gardens was quiet peace; a girl was reading a book nearby and a couple of blokes were looking at a laptop.

You can read more about this oasis on the Didsbury Civic Society website.

Benches I most enjoyed discovering last week include Tom's salvaged from the Great Western Railway, Yellerbelly's tattoed bench in Warsaw, PERB's at the grocery store, Naturegirl's in Ontario and Smarteyes's cozy bench in London.


  1. I understand where the interest in my benches comes from now! :) I will keep my eye out for other interesting ones in Warsaw.

    Some very scenic views here. Some of the photos remind me of Derbyshire and Yorkshire - two of my favourite places for hiking.

  2. This does look a nice peaceful sunny spot to sit!

  3. A nice place to enjoy a rest and a book. Seems to have been much used, too.

  4. You certainly get out and about Gerald..... and find some great places.
    I should think these benches are part of a hidden gem.. ;O)

    If you get the time Gerald nip over here and see my Bath Bench

  5. Peaceful scene. Amazes me how people can drink at lunchtime and still function in the afternoon! It would wipe me out!

  6. Lots of places to rest your weary feet at the gardens. And it looks like there have been many visitors there.

  7. Gardens are a lovely place to sit awhile to refresh the senses. These benches appear to have been visited by many.

    My bench is up this week.

  8. Just one must be careful not to get a splinter on the old bench. :)