Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Bench (14): Gdynia

Today's bench post is a follow-up to my ABC Wednesday: G is for Gdynia.

These benches were situated on the walk down from the fountain towards the beach and the war museum.

My favourite benches discovered last week include Yellerbelly's riverside bench in Toruń, Phoenix C's flower-encrusted ones in the University of Durham Botanic Garden, Rune's on Torgalmenningen, Ben's at Melrose House, Barbara's in Victoria, BC, Leatherdyke's in Mablethorpe, Marie's marble & granite bench in Rio, Catherine's in Tequisquiapan and Mediterranean Kiwi's by the seafront at Koum Kapi.


  1. That looks a loverly avenue of benches Gerald....
    I have a bench posted on my Wiggers World blog today... and a link to the nice folk who sponsored it.

    BTW I had a chuckle at the 'Word Verification' I was given... 'Cinful' ha! if only I had the energy ;O)

  2. A picturesque walkway with its facing benches.

  3. They are nicely situated along the walk. After a war memorial they must be much in use.

    PS Thank you for the weekly round-up! I'll make tour later on to the ones I have missed.

  4. Nice collection of benches Gerald.
    Today Ive posted a couple of benches too.

  5. These benches are situated perfectly for people watching, a favourite hobby of mine.

  6. Hi Gerald. Yes, I think you're right about the device for drawing up buckets of water. Could it be called a windlass?