Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Bench (17): Werneth Low

I had some camcorder video footage transferred to DVDs some time ago. The quality is not brilliant but I've managed to extract a number of interesting stills.

This is a bench on Werneth Low captured in 1993.

See the view, fifteen years later, but without the bench on Hyde Daily Photo.

My favourite benches discovered last week include Barbara's at Banff National Park, Runes's array of benches, Steve's at Ithaca Commons, East Gwillimbury's at sunset, Lew's in Carroll Creek Linear Park, Eamon's at Sunderland Point and Calver's on Cromer Pier.


  1. That's a great idea to transfer photos from one medium to another. The view of the valley with a great location to view it from. Too bad it's no longer there.

    I have a bench up.

  2. Now and the pictures are always interesting, and the old one got an extra patina from the b 6 w.

    Pity about the bench, though :-)

  3. There are still some benches there - it's just that my 2008 view doesn't include them.