Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday Bench (18): Gorton Lower Reservoir

Today's benches are at Gorton Lower Reservoir. The last time I took you there was on a freezing February day.

From 1826 to 1963 the reservoir supplied water for the City of Manchester, but now it is used for leisure pursuits.

The Debdale Outdoor Centre and the local Sea Cadets based here offer instruction in canoeing, kayaking and other activities.

My favourite benches discovered last week include Barbara's near Canmore, PERB's at a lightrail station in Portland, Runes's at Bergen Railway Station and Ken's in Washington Square Park.


  1. That reservoir must be of a respectable size since they use sailing boats. It must be a pleasure to sit there and enjoy the sight.

  2. What a great idea to turn a reservoir into a park! I'd love to sit by the water to watch the boats go by.

  3. Looks so peacefull, a pictursque place :))