Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ABC Wednesday:
N is for Norwegian Rain

With apologies to Rune of Visual Norway.

It rains a lot in Norway - here we saw it arrive as we looked down on Bergen.

Back in the city it teemed down.

A year later and I was in Oslo, overlooking the quay.

The rain didn't stop me taking a boat trip up the fjord though.

That was in 2005 and 2006.

I am supposed to be away on holiday in Jersey right now but ... At least we not stuck somewhere trying to get home.

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  1. Wonderful shots of the Norwegian rain!!
    Hope your holiday in Jersey is only delayed...

    N is for numismatic!

  2. Sorry about your trip. You are right to be glad about not being stuck someplace.
    Great pictures of the Norwegian rain.

  3. I'm so sorry about your trip, too, but hopefully it's only delayed a bit! Love your photos as always, great look at Norway! Would love to explore the fjords!


  4. So the Iceland volcano's gotten to your plans? Bummer.

    I like the look of a place after a refreshing rain.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Wow. The rain in Norway is SO pretty! Loved the boat! So serene.

  6. Hope you get to take your holiday.

    We have had rain all day today!

  7. Rainy..but a lovely country, as your photos show.

    Hey, sorry we can't welcome you to our sunny shores here in Jersey. We're all kind of stuck at the moment aren't we?!

  8. You surely can't tell me it rains more in Norway than in Ackworth! I KNOW it rains more in Ackworth than in Flamborough!

  9. Thank you for the plug! :-)

    One day you must visit us when the sun shines...

  10. It surprises me to hear that it rains a lot in Norway! I imagined it to be a country of either snow and ice or sunshine!

  11. All that rain creates a beautiful green and lush!

  12. Hi again, I crewed in the Tall ships Race several years ago and we went into Bergen port then, you shot brought back memories!

  13. Norway is sweet even under rain! Cool photos!
    Oh gods, So the volcano got you? I wonder how this is going to be from now on... Hope you can still have fun on your holiday.

    Kisses from Nydia