Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Bench (36):
Holy Trinity Community Centre

These benches are in the grounds of Holy Trinity Community Centre.

Holy Trinity Church, Ashton under Lyne was built in 1876. It is a brick building in the early English style and consisted of chancel with aisles, nave, transepts, north and south porches and a belfry containing three bells. There were over 700 seatings.

In the late 1980s, Holy Trinity Church was considered to be a big barn of a building, empty for most of the week, cold and used by only a handful of mainly elderly local people. The majority of the local population were Muslims, mainly from Pakistan and Bangladesh. The church building, still dominated the locality, but the activity in it was increasingly marginal to community life.

The building now consists of a worship space in the eastern half of the building. The community rooms occupy the western half on two floors and are managed by St Peter's Youth (SPY) who are part of St Peter's Partnership.

It is part of the Parish of the Good Shepherd.

My favourite benches discovered recently include Rachel's in Torquay, Celine's in Stayton, Steff's in Handen, Inverness Daily Photo's on Whin Island and Rafael's in Cascais.


  1. It seems a tranquil place. I'd like to sit there on a sleepy August evening.

  2. Thank you for the link to my bench photo, Gerald. I appreciate it. I think the variety of benches in the world is interesting.

  3. Fun idea with the bench series. I have many bench photos and might post a collage on my blog soon. Thanks for the idea, and the link.

  4. No-nonsense benches, as they should be outside a church, but placed in a soothing and thoughtful manner. A place for contemplation.

  5. I ditto RuneE's comment. Benches in churchyards are for contemplation and meditation, to bring peace to one's soul.