Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday:
Vernon Park Steps

This week we are back at Vernon Park in Stockport.

Here is the top of a set of steps that lead down towards the river.

You can see more of this scene on Geograph and also the steps leading upwards.

For more shadows shots this Sunday visit Hey Harriet.


  1. Such angular beauty. The way down seems steep, yet each step shows us that there is a safer way down, too. The strong sun compels a trip down th the river's bank...

  2. Terrific shadow shot for the day, Gerald! I love how sharp and clear it is! Hope your weekend is going well!


  3. a lovely geometric shadow shot - very quirky!!

  4. I like it! The shadow looks like and Aztec design.

  5. My eyes just naturally followed those steps downward! Thanks for sharing your strong, clear SS!

  6. Shadow shots in this case - the rails and the benches in the background. Superb composition.

  7. Triangles are important in compositions - and you have a lot of them.

  8. Great Sunday Shot photo!
    Check out my photo here!

    Also its a new week which means new challenges at, my very own photo challenge :)

    The themes are as usual:

    Monday - Creative Colors
    Tuesday - Macro
    Wednesday - 2 of a kind
    Thursday - Urban
    Friday - Sunset

    Have a good one!