Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ABC Wednesday
B is for Basel

We passed through Basle/Basel on our 2002 Eurpean Coach Tour.

The city then seemed grey and sombre. A lot of building work was going on, including the construction of many tunnels to take traffic under, rather than through, the city. We crossed the Rhine and then dived under a tunnel to come out at a large service area, Autogrill Pratteln, which straddled the motorway.

Here we had a long stop. I went over to the other side to change some sterling into Swiss Francs. The service area was packed with people thronging the various shops. I purchased two bananas and two apples from a stall and then we went for some lunch in the self-service restaurant. Two glasses of apple-juice plus one Schnitzel and french-fries cost an amazing twelve pounds. It was however large enough and tasty enough to split in half and satisfied both our hungers.

Since then I've discovered Yvi's Photography and can find all the things we missed.

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  1. It reminds me of crossing the Willamette River on any one of the numerous bridges in Portland, with the cloudy skies :)

    Have a good rest of the week!

    Hood Photo Blog

  2. Thx for linked...
    I hope you come soon back to switzerland...


  3. What a great B post today. I have been learning so many new things since I joined the ABC Wednesday.

  4. yes, i'd like to know that place someday


  5. You are causing my travel bug to itch!

    Donna - ABC Team

  6. We have never been to Switzerland - yet!