Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ABC Wednesday
A is for Alan Turing Way

Before the building of the City of Manchester Stadium, visible on the right, the A6010, the Manchester Inner Ring Road, ran along Forge Lane. When the area was redeveloped in 1994, a new stretch of road was built along the almost parallel line of Mill Street a little further West. Both Mill Street and Forge Lane disappeared during the creation of Alan Turing Way named after the mathematician.

In 1949 as deputy director of the computing laboratory at the University of Manchester he worked on software for one of the earliest stored-program computers, the Manchester Mark 1. His Turing test was a significant and characteristically provocative contribution to the debate regarding artificial intelligence.

The river Medlock passes under Alan Turing Way after which it flows through a culvert under the stadium, built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games and now the home of Manchester City Football Club.

This view is looking back up the road past the entrance to the stadium towards the gasometer which was the area's iconic landmark prior to the building of Sports City as the stadium was first called.

For more about Alan Turing (1912 - 1954) I recommend starting with the excellent Wikipedia article.

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  1. Alan Turing was Absolutely worth both a road and an A here. without him we would have had difficulties writing this.

  2. How lovely for the family to have a road named after a loved one!

    Thanks Gerald for your continued support for ABC Wednesday - always so much fun.

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  3. Its always interesting coming here and learning something new. Thanks for your posts.

  4. I love structures under construction.

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  8. thanks for the info.. Manchester is my second favorite city in the world! :D