Sunday, September 05, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday:
Northenden Riverside Park

This week's shadow was captured at Northenden Riverside Park.

Come back on Wednesday and I'll show you what created the shadow.

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  1. What a terrific shadow shot, Gerald! Love the green grass! You've got my curiosity aroused now, you can be sure I'll be checking back on Wednesday! Have a great weekend!


  2. some kind of totem pole or sculpture topped by an eagle?? looks like part of the Mexican flag escaped - great shot

  3. The shadow may be a winged creature, per haps mythical...who can say but the photo artist? The sun allows for a nice ate Summer shadow that has fallen on a beautiful lawn...

  4. So neat & well keep place.

    Great to chillax and enjoy the greenery.

    Have a wonderful SS...

  5. It looks like a totem pole -- probably isn't though.