Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend Reflections:
Camera Obscura in Stockport

This photograph was taken inside a camera obscura that was in Stockport Market last weekend. The image reflected in a mirror at the top of a darkened chamber is projected on to a table which can be raised and lowered to focus the image.

The camera obscura was there as part of the 750th anniversary celebrations for the Market charter granted to Stockport in 1260.

Here are the musicians captured by the camera obscura. Stockport Market Hall and some of the stalls are reflected in the shop window behind them.

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  1. What a great and original idea... And the reflection is quite interesting, in fact... Thanks for the sharing and have et lovely week-end !

  2. I have nevr seen a real Camera Obscura - thank you for the glimpse!

  3. Brilliant idea - you have a good result. Enjoy your weekend.☺

  4. I get my salry today with your outstanding post !

  5. Very nice! The top one is very cool and quite interesting.