Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekend Reflections:
Tatton Arms Bridge

As promised last week when I posted photographs of Northenden Bridges, here now is the Tatton Arms footbridge from which I took this photograph looking over the weir on the River Mersey.

Tomorrow I'll show you a closer view of the footbridge.

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  1. such a drastic difference from above and below the weir. My husband, a water engineer always points out to me what a weir is. But What is your weir for?

  2. I believe the weir was built in connection with an adjacent mill. The mill disappeared a long time ago. There is now apparently a salmon ladder by the side of it - I'm not familiar with the area personally - these are just a few facts I gleaned via google.

  3. There is indeed a huge difference from above and below! Terrific capture and beautiful reflection! Always love the watery ones! Enjoy your weekend, Gerald!