Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ABC Wednesay
A is for Arran

The island of Arran lies off the Ayrshire coast. This is the view from near Ardrossan where a ferry sails to Brodick.

The A841 encircles the island going North from Brodick to Sannox before cutting through Glen Chalmadale.

At the Northwest corner we come to Lochranza with its ancient castle.

Turning South the road became single track with passing places in June 2004 when these photographs were taken. I recently looked at this road in Streetview and it seems to have been improved now.

The Southwest of the island around Blackwaterfoot is more rural. This is looking back towards the mountainous North of the island.

Having rounded the South end of the island the road heads North towards Lamlash Bay.

For regular views across to Arran from the Ayrshire coast see Bill Anderson's Ayrshire + Photographs.

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  1. I don't think you'll get agreement from the locals that the roads have been improved! See here.

    Thanks for the link.

  2. Beautiful. I love all those names, especially Lochranza.

  3. I had a wonderful holiday on Arran some years ago so your photos brought back some great memories.

  4. Now that's an island I could have included on my A blog. It's also an island I'd love to visit -- as long as the wind wasn't cold and it wasn't raining too hard. Sadly I've been coddled by our southern California weather for too long

  5. beautiful place. Visiting from ABC Wednesday. I also followed your blog. I hope you can visit mine too:

    A is for Angels

  6. It seems we will have to put back Scotland on our schedule again.