Monday, January 03, 2011

Haiga for Leslie Moon

The people at One Stop Poetry are featuring haiku on their site.

They reproduced my article How to Write Haiku with permission.

They also credited me with three haiku I DID NOT WRITE! I've since discovered that the mis-attributed work is by Don Baird.

Anyhow readers were encouraged to use Leslie Moon's photo as an inspiration to write a haiku so here is mine combined with Leslie's photo to form a haiga.

glimmer of light
behind dark clouds
a storm brews

© gerald england


  1. A good haiku.. could it be a glimmer of hope that storm subsides... Do visit my page too.. it will be emboldening..

  2. Thank you Gerald for this beautiful post and for correcting my error. I believe I am losing the plot (at least on some days.) LOL

    Thank you again for the excellent information

  3. I love storms so you get extra points for that. :)