Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ABC Wednesday
I is for the Irishman in Stavanger

They get everywhere don't they?

This one is in Stavanger, Norway and I discovered it during our 2005 Cruise.

The pub was opened in 1991 and is home to the Harbour Folk Band.

Stavanger has two daily photo blogs, one by Tanty and another by Gunn.

Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day so we are having a bit of party; we've ordered 30 portions of Irish Stew from the Hot Crumpet. We are having apple pie afterwards which we believe is a traditional Irish dessert, but ours will be curtesy of Mr. Kipling!

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  1. Yes, I know this place very well, but I haven't been inside yet :)

  2. I used to blog with Tanty. So glad to see she's still around. I'm off to visit her blog right now. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Happy Paddy's day for the 17th Mar!! Enjoy!!

  4. I think it is good for the world to have Irishmen around :)
    I met Gunn IRL in Budapest - we first met in CYBER daily photo.
    I have Lund and Budapest as daily photo :)

  5. A fun and friendly post - wish I were pubbin' with y'all!

  6. Irish bars - they are a worldwide export (like Guiness!)

  7. Irish bars the world over will be full on the 17th. A great tradition.

  8. oh you wouldn't belive the memories of mine, spending St. Patrick's Day a decade ago ... thank you so very much.

    Please have a good Wednesday.

    daily athens

  9. a traveling people, for sure.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  10. Interesting!

    Please come and see my ABC Wednesday post, thanks!

  11. An Irish bar! What better home away from home.

  12. My daughter went to China last month and spent Super Bowl Sunday with an unknown Irishman in a bar. China!
    Donna - ABC Team