Wednesday, May 04, 2011

ABC Wednesday
P is for Palechora

Paleochora is located in the Prefecture of Hania, on the south-west coast of Crete, on a small peninsula lying in between two picturesque gulfs. The waves of the Libyan Sea lap at it, and it has quite rightly been called the Bride of the Libyan Sea and the Land of the sun. It constitutes the most southerly point of Greece and the most south-easterly point of the European Union. This is where Europe ends.

We visited Crete in 2006 and took the opportunity to see the Southern Mediterranean. The busy streets of Palechora with steep pavement sides weren't designed for wheelchair users but at least no one was travelling very fast.

A poster by the pier was advertising a poetry reading in Greek and English. The white van parked on the pier was our accessible taxi.

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  1. I wonder who the woman in the middle is checking out!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Interesting - "where Europe ends" - like poetry :)

  3. Greek poetry - sounds intriguing! Great Gerald - what a well travelled chappie you are.

  4. Looks very beautiful, I have never been in Crete only in Greece.

  5. Oh, what a glorious place! Poetry on the rocks or pier could be a fine event.

  6. The end of Europe! That sounds intriguing and Crete is somewhere I thought I would like to visit -- but has it become too popular I wonder?

  7. Crete is the cradle of ancient Greek culture and filled with Greek myth. "The Bride of the Libyan Sea" sounds intriguing and romantic. One day I hope to visit this place. Have a great week.