Wednesday, June 01, 2011

ABC Wednesday: T is for
Tan Yard Brow & A Google Streetview Car

Tan Yard Brow in the East End of Manchester used to be an ancient North-South route, but nowadays it is a badly made up road. Some weeks ago I was walking down Tan Yard Brow when a Google car passed by filming for Streetview.

It had to crawl along as due to the state of the pavement and roadworks along one side pedestrians were forced to walk in the roadway. That gave me plenty of time in which to photograph the car. Tan Yard Brow is blocked off to vehicular traffic just around the bend where the road crosses the Gore Brook. In this direction it has long been restricted in order to prevent the route being used as a "rat run".

The Google car had to turn round at the bottom and here we see it turning left into Hyde Road. Right turns are not allowed due to the traffic jams it would cause near the busy junction by Debdale Park.

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  1. I wonder if/how the bumps and condition of the road effect the google images!

  2. I had to come by and see this post, since you mentioned it. I never really minded the Google truck so much, but now it seems that it has opened the door for other prying eyes. I think it was on or some site like that where I recently saw a very clear photo and description of my house. And on, in some cases you can walk through a house room by room.

  3. Oh...the Google I think it's somewhat an invasion of privacy though.

  4. That is simply fascinating.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. I'd have been SO tempted to wave at the camera!
    Jane x

  6. I've never seen one, but I've seen their photos. I'm totally fascinated by the 'driverless' auto Google invented which has been travelling around California - amazing stuff.

  7. Hi there - witches hats and pot holes- you have caught the essence of the English raod system!!!

    Cheers Stewart M - Australia (but ex UK!)